Friday, 29 March 2013

My Digital Studio & Shop OnLine!

Stampin' Up! now offers online shopping!  Shop for your goodies 24/7 in your pyjamas and slippers! Just Click on the button to the side and get ready to purchase some amazing products!
My Digital Studio has also been released here in Australia for trial or purchase (see Promotions Page).  It is a great digital scrapbooking program and its so easy my nine year old (almost 10...) daughter can use it too!  Here is a sample of her beautiful work. (BTW, she did this all by herself...)

These photos were taken 5th May 2005, when Natalie was (almost) 2 years and Claire was only 4 months old. I took a whole series of photos that day and they are among my favourite of my two girls. I'm biased but I think they are gorgeous!
and my work too - well it is my blog...

Keep Stampin' and Scrappin'
Marls xx

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  1. Yes Marl's, it is YOUR blog, but when is ever anything ever sacred! LOL

    Well, who's a clever chicken then! Love it and well done Natalie, love yours too sweetheart!

    Lou X