Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Botany Bay Family History Society's Heritage Fair

As I blogged previously, I went to the Botany Bay Family History Society's Heritage Fair last Saturday and it was great! I find it very interesting looking into your past and finding out your family's origins.  I am still waiting for some new leads but I am hopeful.  I have packed away all of my display stuff and repacked what I borrowed and returned to its rightful owners.  I was also reminded that I didn't post photos of my stand so here are some photos...


I would like to thank my gorgeous Creative Assistant for helping me pack the car, unpack the car, lug all my stuff to the venue, set up and then do it all again in reverse...

I also made this card for my up-line Louise Sharp who lent me a whole heap of goodies and gave some  valuable advice.

Now I just need to make one for my SIL who was also very supportive and helped me immensely (by just "being there")  when I was CLEARLY out of my comfort zone - Thanks "AK" xx

Keep Stampin' 
Marls xx

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  1. Nawww. I'm in love with this card. So special, thank you.
    Wow...the stand, amazing (insert my special voice for 'amazing'!)
    You are awesome.
    Lou X