Friday, 28 September 2012

Nautical JUGS

This weeks JUGS photo (to me) just screams nautical!  What a great excuse to use one of my (limited) "MAN" stamps "The Open Sea"
I'm liking the ribbon slides, I think they are cute.

 It's only a short post, but I think I'm due for a nap, I have a LONG & LATE night ahead!

Keep Stampin'  Marls xx

Happy Birthday to my Mummy!

Ok, Ok, this card is TOTALLY cased from Teneale Williams ~ well it's my "creative interpretation"!  I did warn her...  Now, let me just say, after (re-)creating this card, I have discovered that sewing on my cards is just not happening. Well, at least not with the mini-machine I got for the soul purpose of sewing on cards with. Hence the lace on the top and bottom of the panel ;) ~ Yep, total COVER UP! Four attempts and the tension just would not play nice :(

As the title suggests, it was my mum's birthday this week.
My gorgeous girls made some great things for Nanny's birthday and
I promised I would post them for the whole world to see.
Here is Claire's Dog (to replicate my mum's pooch)
Wobbly belly, shiny nose and lead for walkies too.
Nat opted for the "side step" card with the "Fabulous You" shoe (coloured and cut out by herself),
pierced birthday banner and postage punch "Nan"

And my mum is a keen West Tigers supporter so we made her a cake too!
Nat insisted we have orange icing with black writing.
It is school holidays here in NSW so I will try to get some cards made and posted during the holidays but each time I get in my craft room I get swamped by the masses (well, the two girls who love to create with me). I will post my MIL's birthday card but not until I have given it to her - can't spoil the surprise... Let me just say it is a new (for me) technique I tried and I think it turned out great.  Time will tell.
Until next time, Keep Stampin'  Marls xx

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunshine, Lollypops and Rainbows

 Well here is the Just Us Girls Challenge for this week

This weeks JUGS challenge is RAINBOWS!  I usually just stick to two or three colours - including the neutral, so I thought this would be a little difficult...  That was until I started thinking about this cake I had made for Natalie's 7th birthday, it was a SEVEN layer rainbow cake - ALL SEVEN COLOURS!  I looked up the Jugs site and couldn't find anything that said I needed to submit a card (as opposed to a cake!) so I thought I would be cheeky... 

Ta Daah! Seven Layer Rainbow cake...

  Just a "simple(?)" vanilla sponge with LOTS of colour! And Heaps of Betty Crocker's ready made Vanilla frosting!

 Oh, and I also made a card for the challenge    ;)

I had lots of different ideas for the feature (apart from the rainbow) images, sentiments and the like but none were Stampin 'up! (Oh no - I hear you say...). I think I may just make that card another day...

Until next time, keep stampin'  Marls xx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

JUGS, Mojo & Bags...

I decided to combine my JUGS with my MOJO this week. Just Us Girls Challenge #153 was using a "line stamp"  and Monday Mojo 258 was a great sketch by Julee Tillman.


This birthday card is for one of the ladies at School, well actually Claire's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Lloyd. Claire is now in year two...


As this card is another "give away" there is an inside as well.

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I'm so excited at the moment! I have found the ULTIMATE use for all (or some) of my brown packaging paper that I get with my Stampin' Up! orders. Ready??? Mini brown shopping bags, yes MINI BROWN SHOPPING BAGS.

 They don't look mini in the photo so I added the I-Tunes card (thanks K) so you could see how tiny they are! They would be perfect for lolly bags or for little samples and/or gift cards!  I cut them out (about 8 at a time) with the "Fancy Favour Die" I then twisted the side bits (from the off-cuts) after trimming for the handles in one and folded for the other. I think the folded handles look better.  If you use paper other than the brown packaging I would suggest NOT doing 8 at a time!  You could even have them with no handles for a mini lunch bag look - they fold flat nicely for later use!

Keep Stampin',  Marls xx

PS, I will have some very exciting news to share in the coming weeks...

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Card for Baby...

Claire's teacher is having her first baby in October (She won't know what hit her!) and this is her last week before she is off for maternity leave. Of course any excuse is a good excuse when it comes to card making so I thought I'd share my Just Us Girls #152 with you.

Here's the sketch by Maria

My baby JUGS

and because it has purpose - IE I'm giving it away, there is an inside also.

The little bear on top is a "finishing touch" from my Claire (bear).  Keep stampin' Marls xx 

P.S. Don't forget if you want to order Stampin' Up products or a catalogue you can contact me!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mojo for Father's Day

Because my Dad lives overseas I will not get to see him tomorrow for father's day, so I made my Mojo Monday 256 just for him. Happy father's day to all the dads.

 and of course, I HAD to go round again!

Happy Stampin'  Marls xx