Thursday, 29 May 2014

Celebrate & a Make'n'Take

Today the awesome "guy with the big brown box" delivered my newest acquisition, the "Too Kind" stamp set from Stampin' Up! 

I saw this on many projects at the "Inspire. Create. Share." convention last week in Melbourne and knew straight away this was a set I just had to have.
Anyway, my genius nine year old says to me, "Mummy, are they supposed to be flowers?"  when I told her yes and how the two step stamping works she said, 
"You could use them as fireworks!" 
So I did. 


After I made this, I decided the background should have been darker - maybe a navy blue or similar. Then, when I thought about it some more, I realised the colours wouldn't turn out as good. So I love it just like this.

This next card I made (along with about 600 other people) at what I think would have the biggest workshop EVER!  The new format at convention gave the feeling that you were in the instructors home as a guest at her "workshop" - I loved it! 

Its using a (not-yet-released-in-Australia-it's-that-new) new stamp set called "Kinda Eclectic" That I'm sure you will see a lot more of on my Blog!

Keep Stampin'
Marls xx

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Inspire. Create. Share.

Its only two weeks until the Stampin' Up! annual convention (this year it will be held in Melbourne).  This year's theme is inspire create share.  Even though this will be only my second convention, it truly is a memorable event and I can't wait!

Well, "inspire" and "create" are easy to come across in the form of wood cut outs but "share" on the other hand... grrr  Thank goodness for EBAY! This also explains why it is a different font :)

I'm planning on rearranging the words and elements to make a long picture and changing my header photo - what do you think? 

the "inspire" was stamped with different background-ish stamps in various colours,
"create" was outline stamped with stayz on and then coloured in with markers and the
"share" was covered in washi tape 
and then all three were given a generous coating of crystal effects (glossy accents). I think that the "create" in particular looks like an old fashioned enamel sign.

I am going to put them in my craft room, either on the door or on the wall above my whiteboard.

Until next time keep stampin'
Marls xx