Sunday, 11 August 2013

In two minds pt1...

This weeks Just Add Ink colour challenge was a bit harder than I thought.  When I first saw it I thought of Shelli's blouse she wore for the opening General Session at the Brisbane Convention, but I couldn't find the right flower stamps to pull it off so I was in two minds what to do next.


I had a bit of a stressful week last week and was feeling a little sorry for myself so I made myself this card to remind myself that 
"everything will be OK even if we can't see what OK is yet"...

Nothing like a bit of flourish to cheer you up!

In two minds pt 2

Well part 2 of my stressful week and the cards that reflect it... 
Again Just Add Ink  colour challenge
This is the card I made for my Knight in Shining Armour who turned up just at the right time (for me, not for her...) and helped diffuse the metaphorical bomb!

 ( Thanks a million AK xx)
P.S. It's all good

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

It's Just Us Girls, Adding Ink for Blokes...

Phew! what a week and it's only Tuesday... my cupboards arrived on Saturday {YAY} so MOST of my weekend was spent loading and organising my ever expanding craft stash into and onto my gorgeous cupboards.  I really need to downsize my stash (maybe I could make some cards??!!)   ;)

Anyway I DID use up a little bit with my "blokey card" for

I combined it with the


I know, making one card for two challenges doesn't use up twice as much stash... but give me a break! Ive been busy organising and repacking PLUS I have been playing nurse for the last two days.  Here is my card for my wonderful Husband who picked up my cupboards and helped me put them in my Stampin' Studio!

Gorgeous grunge makes an AWESOME galaxy! Don't you think?