Monday, 28 May 2012

1st Post!

Well this is my 1st post! Yay me! I hope you enjoy my blog. I am fairly new to this so I will get better - I promise. I love to get feedback so leave comments if you feel so inclined, remember to be nice :)
I posted this card on the Stampin' Connection site and got some great feedback so I might just post this as my first. When I get more organised I will post some of my earlier work also. Inspired by Mojo Monday #238

xx Marls



  1. How good are you Marlene already having a blog! Which looks amazing. I am LOVING this card, Baja Breeze is one of my fave colours. I will add you to my team list of blog.

  2. Wow what beautiful cards Marlene, Baja Breeze is one of my favourite colours. Looking forward to meeting up!