Friday, 24 August 2012

Missed it by "that much"!

 Well Thanks to Pentaq I'm now able to connect to the world wide web! Unfortunately I missed out on this weeks JUGS challenge, but I'll show you anyway.  The challenge colour this week - I find colour challenges a bit "challenging" sometimes (really?) I just can't get the colours to work the way I want them too but I think I nailed it with my Betsy Blossom bird...

I made this one to give away to a co-worker who is having her birthday today!
Well, there's only a few more hours until JUGS post the next challenge so I will wait with eager anticipation!  Keep stampin'  - even if you know you can't upload it in time!  ;)  Marls xx

1 comment:

  1. Hello Sweetness. Wow - hard colour pallet. Not sure if I like it - the colours that is - but love your card. I quite like the orange and blue together. Oops, sorry - Pumpkin Pie and Baja Blue! I always have a laugh at the names of the challenge! Nothing like putting your JUGS online! ;) LOL.
    Lou X