Friday, 19 October 2012

A little birdie told me...

Well, after just now typing in the post heading, I have got the best idea for the sentiment to go on my card.  I have a MFT stamp set with "a little birdie told me" so I'm going to find it and stamp it on. (maybe)  Anyway, JUGS #158. Technique challenge emboss resist. Love it! AND I didn't miss the linky!
Again, Betsy's Blossoms, sure am getting my moneys worth from this set, let me tell you! and to think I wasn't even going to get this one. When I saw it the first time in the catalogue i though, "Oh my, that's NOT the best looking set".  How wrong was I!!?? I'm lovin it!

I did up my schedule of Challenge cut offs and I discovered I have a challenge for every day of the week!  Don't think that I will complete EVERY challenge EVERY week though, but let's give it a try...
Happy Stampin'
Marls xx

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  1. Love the white embossing -- looks quite fabulous~ Thanks for joining in with JUGS!